Ex-Minister, Govt. of Karnataka

The Indian Higher & Technical education system is said to be the biggest and the best in the world. Indian scientists, technocrats & researchers in India are always in greater demand both within and outside India.With a vision to make SRSIT a center of excellence in higher education & training in engineering & technology, has been established from 1997 in a sprawling campus with pollution free atmosphere. Here education will be imparted so that students to acquire not only academic excellence but also ‘life skills’ to face the ever changing global challenges. Today the stress is on ‘knowledge workers’ and ‘multi-skilled competencies’. SRSIT is re-engineered and geared dup with an outstanding faculty, world-class laboratories, well equipped library. I wish all our students the very best of luck and happy stay in the college during their tenure.


My ambition is to give quality education right from nursery to higher education under one roof. Our trust has achieved this by establishing institution from nursery to higher education and I am proud of it. A child who joins our nursery school can became an eminent engineer under one roof and can be able to meet the global challenges. Wish all our students best of luck.